Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today, I was about halfway done with one experimental arm warmer, and decided that a) I really hate this stitch pattern, and b) I was not going to ever want to finish this pair. So I undid the whole thing. A bit of a waste of time, I suppose, but I hate having unfinished projects lying around, especially when I could be working on other stuff.

The weirdest thing is that I liked the stitch pattern before, but I think it's a pattern that works really well with some yarns, and not at all with others. You'd think just about anything looks good in a solid colored yarn, but to me it just looked boring.

Of course, I should be in super mega production mode right now, as I have one show on Saturday and another in a couple of weeks. This Saturday is the third installment of the Punk Rock Flea Market, which is always fun. :) I'll be there with the bottle cap belts, Decapitated Dollies, arm warmers, magnets, and more cozies than you can shake a stick at. (Stick not included.)

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