Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Punk Rock and Fleas

In case you haven't seen the flyer, or wanted to know more about it, here ya go. :)

Every time I get the E-mail that they're having another Punk Rock Flea Market, I always get the application in the mail as fast as I can. One might think that this is a super awesome show that rakes in the big bucks for me. However, one might also be wrong in that case.

The first Punk Rock Flea Market was actually a total bust for me--I didn't sell a thing. I had a poorly lit spot that not a lot of people made it to. I was sharing the stage area with a record vendor and a political activist, and my display wasn't particularly flashy. I still signed up for the second one (which was considerably more profitable for me) immediately, and the current one is the third.

I do this show without fail for a couple of reasons, though. One is that it's for a good cause: the proceeds from the event go to the Low Income Housing Institute, which is a needed thing in a city like Seattle. Housing prices here are pretty well ridiculous, and only going up with every passing year. So providing options for those who need them is a good thing!

Another is that I really just like the whole feel of the show. It's held in the basement of an old punk venue, which is not the most appealing location in the world, but I like it. They also play music all day long, and it's great people watching as you see the mix of punks, former punks turned parents, and random residents of Belltown come through.

So yeah, if you're looking for something to do in Seattle on Saturday, stop by. It's a buck to get in, but it's worth it. :)

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