Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have much to post, and not a lot of time to post it. So for now...


I moved into my new office yesterday, and it's fabulous. Huge desk, more bookshelves than I know what to do with (yeah, that's saying a LOT!), and a door that closes. :) Also, funny conversation:

Jerome: I want you to wake me up at 10 tomorrow.
Me: Why?
Jerome: I have stuff to do. [said in a way like he's being sneaky]
Me: Do you want to come see my office?
Jerome: Maybe... [again with the sneaky]
Me: Are you bringing me flowers for my office?

Yes, I ruin all of my surprises. :) As it turned out, Jerome was not feeling up to waking up early this morning, so I told him that I was going down to the Market at lunch time anyway, to go to the bank and eat, so I would get myself some flowers from him. :) They are lovely, and smell wonderful. :)

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