Friday, May 09, 2008

Movie review: Shoot 'Em Up

Okay, I wasn't originally thinking I was going to like this movie. I mean, I like Clive Owen. Who doesn't? He's not exactly hot in the traditional sense of the word, but he is pretty good looking. But Jerome was raving about Shoot 'Em Up for the sheer fact that it's supposed to be 2 hours of non-stop gunfights. Totally not my sort of movie, but I agreed to watch it with him.

By the time the opening credits were rolling, or shortly thereafter, I was laughing my head off. Yes, Shoot 'Em Up is a LOT of gratuitous violence. (There's also some gratuitous nudity and sex, but what non-kids movie doesn't have those things these days?) But I was laughing because it's also a lot of really funny little quips, and they managed to mix in a really good plot as well.

So bearing in mind a final body count of 100 and about 15 gallons of fake blood used (figures from IMDB), I'd highly recommend this movie. Not to people with kids, and not to people with weaker stomachs or an aversion to violence--I had to cover my eyes a few times because of this movie not being entirely "Dawn safe" (a.k.a. my squick over seeing people losing their eyes. We've coined this term for when my friends are watching horror movies--they can tell me if the movie is "Dawn safe" or not.)

But generally speaking, ladies, if your hubbie or significant other likes action movies, and you're more interested in plot, this may very well be a movie you can both enjoy. (And guys, the same goes for you, just assuming that you like action movies and your wife or SO likes plot.)


In other movie news, it looks like Forbidden Kingdom isn't playing in either of the theaters we go to, so I guess we won't be seeing it tonight. Ah well. I have plenty to do before the big PSIA show tomorrow!


And for End of the Work Week Wisdom?

"Eat your vegetables."
--The first line in Shoot 'Em Up that had me laughing aloud

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