Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost season finale tonight!

Not sure how many of my readers are Lost fans, but I gotta blog about it today. I will probably also blog about it tomorrow. :)

I've discovered that what's worse than having to wait each week for the next episode is the knowledge that after the season finale tonight, I have to wait until like September or October or something for the new season to start. WAY more torture than waiting a whole week for new goodness. I am way too much into instant gratification, I think. :)

I am pretty pleased, however, that I have managed to avoid spoiler pages and no just find out what I had to wait for. Being on the West Coast, I know there are folks on the East Coast already blogging about Lost before it airs here. But no, I resist the urge to go find out what's going to happen. The suspense is good, if a bit maddening. :)

But man, I gotta find a show to watch on Thursdays for the summer... either that, or remember to send back our Netflix DVDs faster, so we have more movies to watch. :)


In other news, someone in the office brought in fresh bread a few days ago, and it's still pretty good. Top it off with the blackberry preserves that another co-worker brought in a few weeks ago, and it's delicious. But to me it smells like tea... weird, I know...

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