Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cuteness overload!

I do seem to have an obsession with making Firefly/Serenity related things lately. Part of this is probably related to the Big Damn Crafters monthly challenges, all of which are Firefly/Serenity related. Of course, I seem to be focusing on the characters that aren't related to the theme this month. :) The theme is Inara, and I'm making stuff based on the guys. I'm just having trouble thinking of something elegant enough for Inara that I could crochet. :)

Instead, I keep making cute things. Like this Jayne cupcake. Because I like making crocheted cupcakes, and I have this strange obsession with that hat of his. :) I thought about making cupcakes for other characters, but I think Kaylee might be the only other one who works, with two buns/cherries on top. :) Just can't see a Mal-cake or a Simon-cake. :) Seriously, how would you tell those apart, when rendered as a cupcake?!

More cute stuff (in the form of Decapitated Dollies) to appear in the near future. Only one of the cute things is actually kind of morbid. People finally talked me into a blood and guts version of a Decapitated Dollie. It's interesting. :)

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