Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost time to go home...

It's Thursday now, which means almost time to go home. I've got to hit two research locations today, and then tomorrow will be spent primarily driving and flying. It's very sad when you have to drive for almost twice as long as your flight will take you. This fact and the no cell phone reception may, in fact, be related. :)

As if I weren't already looking forward to getting home, now I'm doubly looking forward to it. We knew that Nine Inch Nails was gearing up for a tour, but at home, we can't access the NIN site. It's utterly bizarre. So Jerome asked me to take a look at the site while we were chatting last night.

As it turns out, the show in Seattle is this Saturday, and was not sold out. I nearly fell over from shock. On top of that, the ticket prices weren't nearly as bad as I was anticipating. So hurrah for serendipity, because we're going to see NIN now! :)

I haven't seen them since 1995... more specifically, Valentine's Day of 1995. I have surprisingly fond memories of driving from Kirksville with my then boyfriend and one of my bestest buddies in college, to retrieve said boyfriend's buddies in his hometown, and then my buddy's girlfriend in St. Louis. So six people crammed into a tiny little car, and a couple of totally illegal U-turns, so that we could get there. :)

I remember seeing Jeff with his damn floor seats, watching all of the freaks go by, and seeing the Jim Rose Circus Side Show. I honestly can't remember who the opening band was. I think it was either Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I know it was "some guys name" and "some sort of other thing." :) I hate to think that it was Nick Cave, though, because I remember not liking the opening band much, and just wanting them to get on with things. :)

I also got a T-shirt that night, which I think Megan might still have. Don't ask me why I gave it to her. My only excuse was that it was a sort of off-white color, and I probably gave it to her during my "I'm only wearing black" phase, which I have only slightly grown out of. :)

Ah, I just love concert reminiscences. :)


vilenolram (marlon) said...

this was a good read.
I always like your thursday comments.

NIN has always been a major part of my life as I can rememeber. Its like audio complement to my feelings and experiments with life and such things. Very deep stuff, intresting.

I hope you have a fun time, and enjoy their show I as I have so many times.

Greetings from Chicago!

Dawn said...

You've seen them many times? I'm jealous. This will be only #2 for me, because in the past 13 1/2 years, the one time I thought about trying to get tickets it was well over $100 to get two... :(