Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yup, more of the same... and not

My days when I'm traveling are generally pretty similar. Breakfast, research, lunch, research, dinner, veg out in hotel room. Depending on the specific research, though, it can sometimes be more interesting.

Yesterday was of the super boring variety. Today was of the considerably more interesting variety. There are plenty of times when you have a research trip where you really don't find much of interest, or you don't find anything at all. And then there are the ones where you find a treasure trove of information, or just a little tidbit that makes it seem like you're doing something useful.

I got a tidbit today, and I was ecstatic. It made going back to the boring stuff not as bad, and I was able to just cruise through the last of that stack. Tomorrow I get to go driving on the "snakey" highway again, as the project manager decided that would be a worthwhile trip to make. The timing for going there on Monday didn't work out, but now I have tomorrow opened up to do it. So the end of my trip is in sight, but there's still enough to keep me entertained until then. :)

And the sun came out, and the ocean is so pretty in the sun. I also saw some sea lions or seals or something yesterday. That's them in the picture. :)


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