Monday, July 14, 2008

And, we're back...

Coming back to work after a five day weekend is hard. Staying home and being lazy again sounded like a wonderful idea this morning, but I knew there was stuff I needed to do here. I just wasn't sure what that stuff was till I got back in my office and reviewed all of my stacks of stuff. :)

So the very quick weekend recap:
1) Lots of fun with Jerome's sister, who came to visit for his birthday.
2) Hellboy II was FAR better than the first one, and used one of my very favorite songs in the world. :)
3) Eddie Izzard is hilarious, even if you have a tall person sitting directly in front of you. I guess that's the downside to sitting dead center (in the 3rd balcony)--it's pretty much guaranteed that he will spend most of the show directly in front of you, but so will a bunch of other people. :(
4) Sitting at the airport for 3+ hours is no fun.

Jerome's dad arrived safely, though, just a bit later than originally planned. Jerome is still off work all this week so that they can do stuff, but I'm at work while they have fun. Ah well, they're each going to cook one night this week, so that's exciting. :)

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