Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just a few random things...

1) Lita, of WWE fame, is in a band called The Luchagores. Thanks to Cindy and Thor for that fun news. :)

2) There's a CD called Maiden Heaven: A Tribute to Iron Maiden that is currently being distributed with Kerrang magazine. If you have the chance to get your hands on it, I'd say do it. I've only heard a couple of the songs so far, and I honestly am not really an Iron Maiden fan. But what I've heard so far is good. :)

3) I still haven't seen National Treasure, but National Treasure 2 is mostly pretty good. I say mostly because there were a couple of things that had the history geek in me screaming, and also because I got distracted at the point where they're doing the "action" treasure hunter bits, and wandered off.

4) Hoping to go see X-Files either tonight or tomorrow night. I'm hoping for tonight, because I can't believe it's already been out 5 days and I haven't seen it yet. :)

5) At the Archives all week, possibly part of next week, and then definitely the week after that. And then I'm maybe going to Kansas. A lot. Sadly, the "a lot" part would be not Kansas City area. :(


Anandi said...

National Treasure was one of the lamest movies I've seen, but the history stuff was cool. You being an expert, might be screaming during that one too, though.

The Maiden Tribute CD is the talk of the Microsoft 'metal fans' email list. Any idea where we can get a hold of it here? I've never seen Kerrang at the store. Or is it downloadable somewhere (legally)?

Dawn said...

It's really odd, because I could have sworn I've seen Kerrang at the Barnes and Noble in Carbondale, which would logically translate to it being everywhere out here. But I have never seen it here either, and the price to buy a single issue was pretty similar to buying a CD. Not sure about a location for legal downloads, but if I hear anything, I will let you know. :)