Monday, July 28, 2008

Nine Inch Nails and the rest of the weekend

So before anything else, Nine Inch Nails. Oh. My. God.

The opening band, Crystal Castles, ended up being a sad disappointment. Last Wednesday, we went to their MySpace, and they seemed like they would be a band I like. I made a comparison at one point that they kinda seemed like the twisted love child of Ladytron, Atari Teenage Riot, and Tatu. Now that's an interesting love child.

Sadly, they really weren't that good live. The lead singer seemed to believe that since she was playing a HUGE venue, she needed to scream into the mic to be heard. This was not the case. Mics are for amplification, you see. But when you scream into a mic, and it's being run through a synth, you end up sounding just completely unintelligible.

Now granted, I shouldn't be too harsh. This band obviously did something right to be opening for Nine Inch Nails. But I think this was their first performance in a really big space, and they're just not ready for it.

But NIN more than made up for the sucky opening band. I felt kind of out of it at first, because for whatever reason, I haven't listened to their newest albums as religiously as I should have. Aside from the singles, anything after With Teeth was sort of like "what is this?" But seeing as they played plenty of older songs, I was okay after a little bit. :)

However, I have discovered that I'm getting too old to headbang, and that makes me really sad. My neck is still bugging me this morning. :(

Oh, and having a xylophone (or two) at an industrial show? Frickin' awesome. :)


In other news, I spent a lovely day yesterday hanging out with some of the EtsyRain folks, visiting a show in Renton and LOTS of thrift stores. And a really big JoAnn's. And a Half-Price Books. And super yummy Japanese food. :) All in all, a great day. :)

Of course, I'm paying for it now, in that we have a TON to get done this week. But at least I'm in Seattle for a few weeks. Not sure when or where the next trip will be, but I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for Kansas at the end of August. I wanna see my nephew!


Anonymous said...

looks like it turned out good.

last show they had peaches open, then bauhaus, then nine inch nails.

that was really weird.
I didnt like peaches but she made me want to get drunk at least so i did and wow what a night.

Sounds like a cool time.
Im guessing you had nice weather, because I saw no -gativity

<3 take care buddy!


Emma said...

We saw Crystal Castles open for someone a while back and had the same experience think they would be alot better than they were. I'm jealous, a NIN concert and EtsyRain event sounds like a fantastic weekend!