Friday, August 01, 2008

Random and assorted

1) I'm beginning to miss my office a little bit. I got to stop in there briefly yesterday, and I'll be there for a whopping 2 1/2 days next week (or maybe 1 1/2...), followed by a single day the week after that. I love working at the Archives all day, but I do occasionally miss the short commute from downtown as opposed to taking over an hour to get home in the afternoon. :(

2) My weekend is blissfully free of plans, aside from a post office run in the morning tomorrow. Between traveling and doing other fun stuff, I haven't had an EMPTY weekend in forever. My goal is to get a bunch of crafting done, some EtsyRain stuff done, and maybe even get crazy and do some housework... hahahaha... yeah right. :)

3) My new game will be starting up next weekend, and I've got plenty to do on that as well. I'm learning all about stuff that I had no idea about. But that's the nice thing about a quasi-historical game--at least it's set in the real world, and Wikipedia is my friend. :)

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katy said...

Dawn - I've seen 2 flickr groups I think you should post your crafts (especially your decapitated dollies and serenity stuff) to -
1) Craft Magazine's flickr group (also worth subscribing to their blog)

2) Geek Craft - not sure if they have a flickr group, but check out their blog - your things would fit in well!

Hope you're doing well!