Monday, July 07, 2008

Lunch? What lunch?

Oh, you mean that one I packed this morning? But I have cheesecake!

Thanks to Jessie of Cakespy, I now have my very own cupcake painting on my desk, and cheesecake for lunch. I sat next to Jessie at I Heart Rummage a few months ago, and desperately wanted her reproduction of Starry Night with a cupcake in the midst. Alas, that one was already sold, and I didn't want to ask her to re-reproduce it. :) So I pondered for a while, until I decided that I wanted to see Cuppie in an alien landscape of melting clocks and other weirdness, also known as Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory. The result is utter perfection.

Now the only tricky part is figuring out how to position it on my desk so that people can see it when they walk in, but also so I can look at it all the time. It's just adorable. :)

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