Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What a change!

Overnight, that oppressive heat seems to have vanished into the clouds that are now blanketing Seattle. Silly me went out with no jacket this morning, expecting another scorcher. Instead, it was downright brisk! But I didn't mind--I don't like roasting while waiting for the bus!

In other news, I think a pair of crows (or ravens... I can't tell the difference) have taken up residence in the tree outside my office window. They aren't there today, but I've seen them twice in recent weeks, just hanging out. Now, granted, I have no way of knowing if they're the same pair as I saw before, because they're all just BIG black birds. But I swear they're watching me. They must know about the guys who have got my back. And though the pair on my back don't have official names, I'm naming the two outside my window Huginn and Muninn. :) [Edit: And they're back, about 2:45. I can't see a nest, but I think they live here now.]

And in other other news, discovering halfway through your bus ride that your applesauce container is leaking onto your khakis is not a nice feeling. Every time I wear these pants, they end up with more stains. I think I know why they were at Value Village now... :(


Anonymous said...

Haha... your post is cracking me up!

Beacause, my fiance feeds the birds outside our house, and he swears he knows the difference between them all... but to me, they just look like birds. I guess when you create a friendship with them, you know one from another ay?

Damn that applesauce!!!

Dawn said...

Well, I think I can tell the difference between my Huginn and Muninn. And I think Muninn is a girl. But seriously, there is no nest there, so maybe they're both boy birds. :)