Thursday, August 28, 2008


I pretty much can't hear today. I might, in fact, be getting too old for really loud shows at really small venues. At the very least, I should really start investing in earplugs. :(

Show last night was pretty good though. We didn't stay all the way till the end, because we mostly wanted to see Bella Morte, and then hear a little bit of Gorgeous Frankenstein (and see Doyle and Dr. CHUD).

So the first opening band, Church for Sinners, was local (from Everett), and they very much sounded like a local sort of band. They had a really unpolished sound, which Jerome liked a lot, and I thought was kinda crappy. Their lead singer really didn't fit their overall look (very horror punk), and that sort of bothered me too.

The second opening band was Car Bomb, and my opinion of them was "They made me hurt. A lot." Seriously, it was some major sensory overload. Super loud, super bright light show, smoke machines, and you could physically feel the sound waves every time the drummer hit any of his drums. They also pretty much played with the stage lights off, so that the only lighting was this crazy bright backlighting that was tied to their instruments. I spent the majority of their performance looking at the floor and covering up my right ear, because there were a few times when I had actual pain in that ear. Funny that my left ear is now the one that's still ringing.

Bella Morte was just as good as we'd hoped, so that was awesome. Their lead singer is a total showman, and he's kind of crazy to boot. I would have loved to see them on a bigger stage, because I kind of get the impression that he would have been even crazier if he had had more space. :) (In the meantime, that got me wondering how The Cruxshadows are going to fit all 5 members of their band and the 2 dancers on that stage...) They didn't play a lot of older stuff, any of their covers, or the songs I wanted to hear, but it was still really good. And apparently the "new" Bella Morte CD that we got last week is actually a couple of years old, and they've got an actual new CD coming out in October. So w00t for that!

Gorgeous Frankenstein was good, but very bizarre. Apparently Doyle's been following Danzig's diet/exercise routine, because he's frickin' ripped! Chud is also a fairly large man, but not nearly as cut as Doyle. Seriously, for a 44 year old man, Doyle is looking amazing. The biggest issue I had with them is that their lead singer is a scrawny little man who wants to sound like Danzig, but probably does not have the lung capacity to do so. They also didn't seem to have his mic up loud enough, because I could barely hear him. We stuck around for a few songs by them, but then I decided that my feet hurt, my ears hurt, and I just wasn't into them enough to stick it out. So we went home.

The. End. :)

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