Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Stuff and things

1) So Pineapple Express is seriously funny, but has no redeeming qualities aside from that. And yeah, totally NOT something to take the kids to, because there's a lot of violence and they wouldn't understand pretty much any of the humor. To get it, you either need to have smoked weed, or known people who smoked weed. :)

2) We're getting seriously addicted to the new "Doctor Who" series. We've watched all of season 1, and now are into season 2. And I don't care what anyone else says, Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor. :)

3) So yeah, I'm slightly swamped with craft stuff. It's a good thing, cuz it gives me plenty to work on, but wow... everything just hit at once with people wanting to buy stuff. :) I shouldn't complain, at all. :)

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