Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yup, I have birdie friends...

If I weren't already pretty sure that the crows who sit outside my office window were the same pair, now I'm almost positive. I've been out of my office for about a week now, and they're STILL hanging out outside. They must just like the shade and the breeze that we get here. :)

And yeah, that means I'm actually in my actual office, which is a nice change. Also, this meant sushi for lunch, which is also very nice. :) I've been being good and taking my lunch when I work at the Archives, because otherwise it's totally possible to spend $40-50 a week on lunches. But I do allow myself at least one day a week for a special treat when I'm doing nothing but looking at old handwritten and typed documents from the 1940s and later. Their typewriters kinda sucked, BTW. :)

So yeah, playing catchup with work stuff for today, and then tonight, we're going to see a sneak preview of Pineapple Express. If it weren't for free passes, I probably wouldn't see this movie. But hey, when it's free, and will probably give me something to post about tomorrow, might as well. :)

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