Thursday, August 07, 2008

Things to do in Seattle this weekend

While I will sadly not be attending any of these events, there's still a lot of great shows going on this weekend in Seattle, technically starting tonight: check 'em out here.

I haven't done a craft show myself for what seems like forever. Since I've started traveling for work, it's rough to do shows. If it's the Saturday before I travel, I'm usually doing things like packing and getting the apartment ready for me being gone. If it's the Saturday after I travel, I get home late on Friday night, totally beat, and don't even want to think about doing anything. :)

I'm going to try to do a few shows as things ramp up towards Christmas, but I don't have any picked out quite yet for certain. I do know that if there's a Punk Rock Flea Market in the near future, I definitely want to be there... of course that's provided that it's not the day after Halloween, which is the one weekend I can't do any shows, because I'm going to be in Illinois. :)

In the meantime, there's something kind of amusing about making four pairs of eyes for plush Cthulhus, and then holding them all by the "tails" and shaking them around. Or maybe I'm the only one amused by things like this... or I may have been delirious from making four pairs of crocheted eyes in a row... :) But there's something logical about making up the extra pieces for plush Cthulhus in advance, especially when you're making a whole bunch of them at once. :) (And yes, this also involved making 4 pairs of wings and 4 sets of tentacles. And no, I'm not done with them yet... but when I am, there will be a photo of a basket of Cthulhus... :) )

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