Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And whee! :)

So here's some brief tidbits.

1) The cave is more like a mine, only not really like either. It's not nearly as cold as people told me it would be.
2) I have now learned the finer points of playing trains and blocks and the tappy tap dance. (My nephew is the cutest kid EVAR!)
3) My brain knows it's on Central time, but my body is like "no, you live in Pacific time now."
4) Because I can't live for 8 days without my crochet, the first thing we did upon my arrival was to go to Jo Ann's. The Jo Ann's here is huge, and I'm going to have to mail myself a box full of yarn on Saturday. :)
5) My sister's new house is beautiful and awesome, but I think they need a slight computer upgrade. This one won't run Explorer, or so she tells me... that's right, I'm on Netscrape... somebody save me... :)

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