Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stuff about cats

1) Light colored cats decide you're their best friend, and want to give you lots of love, on the day you wear black pants.
2) I guess I'm just the right height for the cats to headbutt me in the back of the knee when I'm standing at the computer. Now it's not like the cat is headbutting me hard, but that spot right in the back of the knee will make my knee give a little, and before I know it, I'm falling down.
3) This is apparently how said cat asks for food. Silly cat doesn't realize that I have no clue where the cat food is kept, nor how much to give them. (Never mind the fact that they seem to still have food OUT!)

At least these cats have plenty of space to run around in, and thus are not constantly underfoot. I've only seen Hannah twice, but Oscar likes to sleep on my bed when I'm not here. Well, I guess that's better than sleeping in my suitcase. :) Oh, and Frazier, who has never liked me, still doesn't like me, unless I'm wearing black pants. *sigh*

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