Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday! :)

Got a busy day at work ahead of me, so I doubt I'll get much time to play around online later. I'm not sure I like busy Fridays... but at least it should keep the day moving past quickly. :)

Spent all day yesterday doing research out of the office, and thus with no internet. All next week will be the same. Of course, this means that I shouldn't have to work around them rearranging my office, as I'll be sharing my office come October 1st. My co-worker and I were given the option of sharing or one of us going back into the open space at the back of the office. No thanks, I'll share. :) Both of us travel enough that hopefully we'll each have some time when it's just us in the office. Knowing our luck, however, we'll end up traveling the same weeks and in the office the same weeks. :)

Weekend is looking like it should be a blast, with plenty of recuperation time as well. Tonight is the Abney Park show, tomorrow is Werewolf, and Sunday is blissfully empty. I have a few errands to run here and there, but nothing super major. After spending my last weekend in KC (fun, but I didn't get much done), this will be good!


Rekoj said...

As long as you don't have to also share the desk and computer space while you're both there at the same time (that would be odd!)

Dawn said...

Nope, we will each have our own desks and computers, in opposite corners of the office. This office is apparently wired for the possibility of two people working in it, so that works well. And I LOVE where my new desk is, even if I am farther from the window now. :)