Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where did everyone go?!

So Jerome and I have been calling back and forth today, as we're trying to track some people down and failing. He called the shop where our tattoo artist works, and was told she's on maternity leave. This is super awesome and exciting, and I'd love to make her a baby afghan, but we had no way of getting in contact with her other than through the shop she works at. So I went to see if I could track down her husband (who is also a tattoo artist), and I found that he's still at the shop he apprenticed at, but our piercer, who worked there also, is not!

And I still don't know when she's due or when she'll be back at work, which makes me a sad monkey. I totally want to make her an afghan, and we were planning on getting stuff worked on in October and at Christmas...

Guess this means we have to actually find an artist in Seattle now... Jerome found a shop he wants to check out, and I've seen a few that I think would be good. But then we have to hope that they have an artist we like, and that said artist is taking appointments from new people. *sigh*

In other news, the planned outfit for Friday night just ain't gonna happen. The shoes WERE out to get me, but mostly just in the "we're really uncomfortable to wear while standing" sort of way. Standing on the bus on the way home convinced me to pick an outfit that doesn't involve uncomfortable shoes, so now it's all figured out except for what shirt to wear. And the stuff from Brown Button will have to wait for another occasion.

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