Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday again

Well, at least it was a super good weekend. :) The Abney Park show on Friday was a blast, and we were SUPER busy at the merch table, which made me happy. :) I ended up hanging out after the show so that Nathaniel could give me a ride home, which meant I ended up at The Hurricane at about 3 a.m. Even though I hadn't been drinking, it just sounded like a fabulous idea. :)

Of course, this made me pretty well dead on Saturday, though I ran what seemed to me to be a pretty good Werewolf game. And then I crashed out for as long as I could on Sunday, followed by running errands and doing chores and other fun stuff.

My only disappointment for the weekend is that no one got a really good picture of my outfit. As soon as I walked in, Robert and Nathaniel were gushing over it, and Robert told me that I won. The main item of gushiness was the steampunk gypsy patchwork skirt, but I thought the whole outfit came together pretty nicely. I will have to recreate it and get Jerome to take pictures... though I won't promise to redo my makeup... there was a serious amount of strange colors going on... :)

I'm looking forward to a relatively normal week. I'm at the archives for work every day, but the evenings are looking vacant and relaxing. Though I may decide to run to Goodwill tonight on a quest for some sweaters and long sleeved shirts...

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ambika said...

Oh man, I haven't been to the Hurricane since high school. That, Denny's and the now defunct Minnies.