Friday, October 03, 2008

End of the Work Week Wisdom

We haven't done this for a while... :)

"I'm going to hell ... again."
--Dean Winchester, "Supernatural"

It's exciting to be watching this series as it airs this year. Of course, that might get complicated when Lost comes back on the air in January... Jerome foresees a new TV in our future, but I may be foreseeing a TIVO before that...

My weekend looks nice and vacant, at least until Sunday, which is nice. I've got maybe plans for tomorrow night, but I probably don't want to go out at 10 p.m. That just leads to me being out till WAY past my bedtime, and since I have a craft show and then a concert we're definitely going to on Sunday, I think being in bed at my bedtime is a good plan. So my plan for tomorrow is probably lots of photography and then lots of video games. :)

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katy said...

it was so nice to see you at the market, Dawn!!

Hope to make it to the show to see you all before i disappear into the void (not really)