Monday, October 06, 2008

Not a bad weekend...

Aside from Jerome having a hard time dealing with the seasons changing (lots of sinus difficulty for him), it wasn't too bad of a weekend. I really only had I Heart Rummage on Sunday, and then a show I wanted to go to that night, which I did. I Heart Rummage was a little bit slower than it has been, but I blame that on the weather and the economy. I didn't do badly, but I didn't do as well as I did last month.

The show was a lot of fun, even though Jerome didn't feel up to going with me. I knew a bunch of friends would be there (a couple were performing, after all), so I would know someone else there. John and Aine both made it out, so I hung out with them. This worked out fabulously, as they wanted to leave around 10, and they were going right past my apartment on their way home, so it was easy to get a ride. :)

The performers were great also. My amusing observations are as follows:

1) Magpie Killjoy is like the twisted love child of Tom Waits and Voltaire, with an accordian. I love accordian music (a great-uncle of mine played when I was very young), and he had the crazy raspy voice of Tom Waits with the funny but poignant lyrics of Voltaire. Must find some MP3s, which he says are available, as he doesn't have an album out.

2) Dude with the cello (I think I heard his name was Ben, and I think he was going by Schroedinger's Cat) rocked. Even with his bow going "poof" (literally, the horsehair portion detatched at one end and was a big poofy cloud) less than half a minute into his first song, he seriously rocked. He could totally play in Apocalyptica. :)

3) It's very odd to watch one of your friends play alongside a performer you really like. In this case, it was my buddy Nathan (from Abney Park) playing bass for Jill Tracy. Very surreal. Honestly, though, she had two really tough acts to follow, and I have to say that I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. But her music is a very different vibe from what the other two were playing, and it just felt weird.

And because we are all old, we cleared out before the headliners, The Ghosts Project. I would have loved to stay and see them play, but alas, work.

Speaking of the latter, I think I'm actually IN the office for the entirety of this month, at least until I go on my mini-vacation at the end of the month. But don't get me started about how much I need to get done before that happens (in terms of my own stuff, not work stuff). It's craziness.

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Magpie Killjoy said...

Hey there! I'm really excited that you enjoyed my music, and to be compared to who are, of course, two of my favorite musicians is always a plus.

My mp3s are at:

I used to go by the name "Magpie Ratt". These mp3s are about 2 years old, and most of them are instrumental.

It's a shame you missed The Ghosts Project. Their set was simply astounding.