Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How many times can a chicken lose their head?

Yes, I am chicken, no head, yet again. This week, I need to get things ready for my Werewolf game and for the Handmade Arts Show this Sunday. Doesn't seem like all that much to do, but I'm behind on both, and basically need to have both done by Saturday night, because I'll be up early on Sunday to drive up to Kenmore for the show. Whee!

Somewhat busy at work, but not overly so. I found out today that they wanted to send me to Fort Worth, but because of my vacation at the end of the month, it ain't happening. There was a brief moment when the suggestion came up that I go from vacation to Fort Worth. Only problem with that is that I would essentially be on the road for 17 days straight. Okay, technically it would be 10 days out (vacation and Ft. Worth), 1 day home, and 6 days out (Kansas), but that may as well be 17 days straight. So I guess I'm not going to Texas this time. :)

And yeah, I think I just need to not fuss about the vacation until AFTER this weekend... that will make my life so much easier. If someone can tell me about how long it usually takes to get a bridesmaid type dress dry cleaned, I can hold that bit of stress off until next week...

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