Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm off to Texas in about 4 hours. First time ever flying first class, so I'm a wee bit excited about that. I particularly like the fact that I will only have to trip over one person on my way to the restroom... :)

My weekend was rather successful in the laziness part of the plan, which, of course, means I didn't get much done. I did finally sit down for some serious crocheting yesterday, but that's about all I accomplished, other than some basic household chores. So now I'm crossing my fingers that Jerome will have some time to work on my display pieces for me while I'm out of town, and then we can get them put together and ready to go when I get back into town. I technically don't need them done until the 13th, but I'd rather NOT be working on them into the wee hours on the 12th. :)

I also found something perfect for a display piece at Jo Ann's yesterday, and didn't buy it. I'm half tempted to call them and ask them to hold it for me till I get back... especially cuz I really want it for Sunday...

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ambika said...

I didn't fly first class until this past year. It was *awesome* just to have that extra room!