Friday, November 28, 2008

And real Friday

Which is nice, because waking up this morning was very hard. But knowing that it was Friday and not another Monday (which is what it felt like) was good. :)

We had a lovely day yesterday, spending time with Aine and John at Jana and Michael's place, with Jana's two kids. Of course, I say kids, but they're 18 and 19, so not really kids. I was convinced that Jerome had found his long lost brother, which was pretty amusing. We watched a ton of random movies, ate an enormous quantity of really good food, and had some fun and interesting conversations. And we've already made plans for next Thanksgiving, which seems to be our Aine and John holiday. The first year we were in Seattle, they hosted us; this year they drove us to the festivities; next year, we're going to host them. Since it's a year away, that gives us plenty of time to figure out where people can sit and get the place cleaned up. :)

In other news, we finished season 4 of Doctor Who on Wednesday, which means we have to wait like forever for season 5 (which hasn't started yet). Either that, or figure out if it airs in the U.S. when it airs in the U.K. That would be awesome!

And the End of the Work Week Wisdom comes from the season 4 finale:

"I can't tell you what I'm thinking right now!"
--Captain Jack Harkness

Which of course is totally meaningless out of context, but a) it involves spoilers, and b) we were laughing our asses off when we heard it, because Captain Jack is just so Captain Jack. :)


Tom said...

Season 5 is going to be a bit of a disappointment though. Its going to just be four specials. The even bigger bummer is that David Tennent will be gone after that. :-( I hope BBC America shows the new episodes soon after the UK. :-)

Dawn said...

Oh, for real?! I was under the impression that David Tennent was doing the 4 special episodes, and then a new Doctor after that. And there's talk that the new Doctor will be Paterson Joseph, which would make me very very happy! :)