Monday, December 01, 2008

Movies and such

I watched a LOT of movies over the weekend, as they're wonderful for keeping me on the couch and crocheting. I did also get out to see one of them, so no worries about me becoming an old grandma on the couch. I don't have nearly enough cats for that yet. :)

"Let the Right One In" (because I can't type the Swedish title) - This is a vampire movie, but it's not like any other vampire movie you've ever seen. Cute and funny, but also moving and gory. Aine has been raving about it since she saw it, so she and John went with us to see it. Very amazing stuff!

"Shallow Grave" - I'd seen this one before, but had to watch it again when I found it on the On Demand list. It's Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccleston in a dark comedy(-ish) that gets progressively darker. I love seeing Ewan and Christopher from 13 years ago. :)

"A Knight's Tale" - Yeah, this movie is more or less bad. I hadn't actually watched it all the way through before, and I didn't honestly watch all of it this time either. But it's Alan Tudyk (Wash in "Firefly/Serenity"), Paul Bettany (lotsa stuff), James Purefoy (Mark Antony in "Rome") and Laura Fraser (Door in "Neverwhere"), plus, you know, Heath Ledger and all those other people. :) I was mostly really pleased to see Laura Fraser. :)

"Love's Labour Lost" - I didn't even know this existed! I've never read the play or anything, but it was Kenneth Branagh, so how could you go wrong? Well, casting Alicia Silverstone wasn't the best idea, but ah well. Matthew Lillard is in it, and that made me laugh. :)

And we also had the obligatory "ooh, 'Airheads' is on, must watch." I've never seen the beginning of that movie...

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