Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The newest toy

Jerome has been wanting an XBox 360 for a while now, and he asked me about it on Friday, when I was sitting at the computer and looking at the program that tracks our finances. It took me a little while to respond to him (not solely because I could barely hear on Friday night, due to issues with landing in Seattle and having sinus troubles), but since he sweetened the deal by promising to give up the XBox and GameCube, I said yes.

So yeah, I brought the XBox to his work on Sunday when I picked him up, and we came home with a 360. (The GameCube went to another of his co-workers yesterday.) So far, I'm not as excited about it as he is, but he did find me a free demo of PacMan. After he played one game, I told him I'd show him how it was done. I couldn't beat the first level either. :)

So yeah, we now have two of the current generation of game systems, with no desire whatsoever for a Wii. Anyway, if we want Nintendo, we can kick it old school. We still have his NES (and like 3 games). :)


Kayce said...

You can always play the wii at our place - of course, I'm sure Kasey will insist on you bringing Rock Band to play also! Maybe for the holiday party?

Oh - and play Halo on XBox. It really is the only game I'll play.

Dawn said...

We shall plan on picking up a second guitar sometime between now and then, and we will bring it with us. :) If we're lucky, we should have all of the songs from 1 and 2 by then, even! :)

And my view of Halo is it made a really funny show (Red vs. Blue), but that's about it. I might give it a try sometime, but I failed badly when I tried to play Army of Two... I'm not good at shooters. :)

Kayce said...

Kasey asked what system your Rock Band is for...

and play Halo with Jerome - you can hide behind him and laugh when he dies - then they give you the power to bring him back :)

Dawn said...

Just now saw this comment. It's for PS3. :)