Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yeah, I've lost track of days again...

I seriously had to stop and think earlier what day it was, and what I had planned for the evening. I don't usually get to make much in the way of plans when I'm traveling for work, but sometimes things work out nicely so that I can.

Since we're in Lawrence now, I'm going to meet up with Krystof (formerly of Abney Park) tomorrow night. He moved here from Seattle pretty recently, so it was some cool happenstance that I ended up being in the town where he now lives for a few nights.

On Thursday night, EtsyRain has our first ever virtual trunk show, hosted by yours truly. You can find us in the treehouse of Etsy's virtual labs at 6 p.m. Pacific time (9 p.m. Etsy/Eastern time). And yeah, I totally planned it that way, because I just knew that as soon as we committed to a date and time for the show, I would get the word that I was traveling that week. Yes, I am good. :)

In the meantime, though, I plan to spend my evening lounging around my hotel room, after we go get some sushi for dinner in about an hour. Cuz it's Tuesday, and I kept my Tuesday open for NOT running around like a crazy person. :) Will be nice to sleep in the same bed for 3 nights, too. We spent our first two nights on the road in two different towns, but we're in Lawrence till Friday! w00t! :)

(Feeling marginally better today, too, just a bit fuzzy headed. I blame the 'Quil.)

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