Monday, December 15, 2008

A bit of recap

So I sort of forgot to keep posting last week while in Laguna Niguel. I'd say the sun fried my brain, but I really didn't see that much sun while I was there. The sun was setting around 5 p.m. daily, and we left the Archives around 4:15 or so every day. By the time we drove back to the hotel, it was pretty much beginning to get dark out, and by the time we went to eat, it was always dark.

We did head out to Laguna Beach on Thursday after work, though, to see the sunset and get right up next to the ocean. We all ran and touched the surf after a rather high rush of water forced us to run. If it weren't for not having any good way to get the sand off of my feet when I was done, I would have ditched my shoes and socks and rolled up my capris to play in the water. :) I'm so much like those little kids who like play in the mud or whatever, and then are like "ewww, icky, get it off of me!" :)

Got back Friday and saw my first snowfall of this winter as the cab drove me away from the airport. It didn't start back up again until Saturday night, while I was at my office Christmas party. I kept eyeballing the snow, making sure it wasn't sticking, and even texted Jerome to find out if it was snowing on our side of the lake. He said it wasn't, but by the time Ann and I left, it was snowing heavier at the apartment than it had been in Kirkland!

Woke up Sunday to everything still covered in snow. For those of you who don't live in Seattle, this doesn't happen much here. I was a little concerned because even the parking lot still had snow on it, and the temperatures were staying below freezing. I braved the ice and ickiness though, so I could go meet up with Jeremy for coffee. I insisted that we were WALKING to the coffee shop, however. :)

After that, Jeremy ran his one shot of Army of Darkness rules (though set during the French Revolution), and I literally laughed until my face hurt. We had a particularly wacky cast of characters, and so much geekiness in the room that it probably should have exploded or something. Multi-genre geekiness, in fact. Good times, and I think I'm going to be playing in other one shots with the same crowd. I'm sure this means I'll be persuaded to run eventually, so I've gotta dust off one of the systems I've bought and never touched... leaning heavily towards All Flesh Must Be Eaten, because who doesn't like zombies?

The. End.

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