Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas shopping is done!

I was starting to panic last night because I hadn't finished the Christmas shopping yet. Jerome teased me that I was about 2 months behind. But I managed to finish it up today, with the exception of some special requests that Lindsey is working on for me. As soon as those are ready, I'll have everything bought and on its way to me.

As was the case last year, all of my purchases are from Etsy, and there's the stuff I made on my own as well, for most of the kids. (I had forgotten about Jerome's niece when I was plotting making stuff for all of the kids, so I got her some cute pants that Kayce made instead.)

Oddly enough, I think sales in my shop last year were a bit busier. This might just be my perception of it, though. I'm hopeful that Christmas snuck up on a lot of people, like it did on me, and that things will pick up in the next week or two... because beyond that, there's not a lot more time for shipping and such!

Of course, my brain is gonna be far from Christmas next week, since I'll be in Laguna Niguel. It might not be hot out, but low 70s is a much different December than I've ever had before. :) Don't know how much of it I will be outside to enjoy, but I suspect the sun sets a little later there, and it should at least stay warm out when the sun is up. :)

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