Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And a weekend recap (with some extra!)

It's gotten to the point where I really don't post nearly as often as I should. So that's why you get big recaps. :)

Friday night was the Abney Park show, which was a blast as always. We didn't stay there as late as I might have been inclined to do if we hadn't had early Saturday morning plans. But the merch booth ceased to be a zoo, so it seemed like a good time to escape. Now Jeremy has seen the madness that is working merch for Abney Park. I think we'll do it again. :)

Saturday kicked off with walking around Green Lake, which I had not done previously, despite living probably close enough to walk TO Green Lake. :) Headed to Beth's Cafe after that, which probably negated any benefits from walking around the lake. But it was tasty. :) Then it was off to run a handful of errands, including dropping off my bottle cap belts with Marlo so that they can go to Happy Delusions. Then we headed over to The Dreaming, which is Jeremy's comic shop of choice.

However, the owner was running late, which meant we ended up in a record store where I mostly behaved myself (only bought a 2-CD set of old NIN and a CD of Cure covers), and also got to check out the tattoo shop that one of Jeremy's friends recommended to me a while back. It seems like the sort of place I could deal with being tattooed at (read: not pretentious and the people there will speak to me as though I'm a human being even though I have no visible mods), and at least two of the artists seem to do work that I like.

Since we had gotten all of about 4 hours of sleep previous to walking, we decided to take a nap before going out for the evening. Someone was misinformed about when the Rat City Roller Girls bout was, but getting there early meant we got good seats. And holy crap, am I a fan of roller derby! I got a new, limited edition Krysztof shirt, and have learned how to make some sense of what's going on while they play. I'm still a little fuzzy on scoring, but it seems that's not entirely unusual, as it usually takes a bit before the score is updated. :)

Sunday would have been a lovely day for sleeping, but oh no. We'll sleep when we're dead. :) Instead, we headed to Denny's for breakfast with Jeremy's friend Darrin, who is a player in the big LARP that I briefly played. He gave me hope that I might be able to go back to the Changeling game, at least when I want something to do on the nights Jeremy has D&D. After breakfast was my turn to run One Hit Wonders, where I ran Star Wars after forgetting to really read the rules and not quite finishing my plot. :) Nonetheless, it was fun.

I spent yesterday at home, recovering both from lack of sleep and the edges of a migraine, which may, in fact, have been related. So I slept late, worked on some crochet, and did thrilling things like cancel my old cell phone and do my taxes. I also got some quality Rock Band time in before heading downtown for dinner and Coraline with Jeremy. I'll talk more about Coraline another day, but for now, I was mostly pleased with the movie. Mostly.

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