Friday, February 06, 2009


It's been a crazy week, and I haven't managed to carve out any time to sit down and blog. At all. Hopefully next week will be much more productive in terms of writing. :)

So let's see here... recap of my week.

Monday sucked like only Mondays can suck. Basically everything I wanted and needed to do ended up getting deferred when my microwave crapped out right as I went to reheat my leftover pizza. Ugh.

Tuesday evening was spent getting Jerome moved into his new place, and necessitated a lot of carrying heavy stuff. No fun!

Wednesday involved moving more stuff (and no, it's still not completely done) and playing phone tag with Jeremy so that he could cook me dinner. :)

Thursday, I had a work trip to Olympia for the day. Got home nice and early and discovered that my vacuum cleaner really can't deal with long hair on slighly plush carpet. *sigh* Then I made dinner, and Jeremy and I went out shopping for my new PS3 and TV. Expensive shopping trip, but TOTALLY worth it. Rock Band 2 looks amazing on my new TV. :) (Yeah, most of what I bought was so that I could feed the addiction... I am the ridiculous person who buys a PS3 because of one game that I can't live without. :) )

And today, we have End of the Work Week Wisdom from a new source, who has been getting a lot of mention in this blog. :)

"History is written by the victor. Have the historians beat the crap out of each other, and then base your facts off of that."
--Jeremy's suggestion on how I should decide which historian had the facts correct.

I like the way he thinks. :)

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