Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More media consumption!

Although not as much as last week. We watched Brazil on Sunday, in preparation for a Paranoia game that we were going to play. The game was cancelled, but the movie still happened. And the movie hurt my brain a bit. I think I need to re-watch Time Bandits now, to see if it has a similarly totally crazy, epic ending. Cuz seriously, Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen are both so over the top, I'd be shocked if Time Bandits was not. :)

In other news, I have been ridiculously busy lately, and I don't think it stops until May, maybe. I spent all but one day of last week out of the office. I'm here for 3 days this week, then off to Rhode Island. Next week, I won't be in the office at all, though I'll still be in town. The following week, I work 2 days, and then head out on vacation. I get back from that to a 4 day work week, and then I may be traveling the last week of April. On the few and far-between days that I am in the office, there's tons for me to work on. Whee!

In the meantime, I've been working on my characters for Ambercon, which has been an interesting process. I'm used to convention games with pre-generated characters. In the 8 games that I'm in for Ambercon, I get to make the characters for 7 of the games. I'm done with 6 of those 7, and hopefully will finish the last tonight.

Of course, I also need to make a new character for Exalted, as Laine (my Night caste archer-sorceress-tomb raider) died in the game on Saturday. So I'm going to play a Lunar now, since everyone else who shows up to the game regularly plays Lunars. Laine's demise was pretty unsurprising, as I decided to have her go out in a tiny rowboat on a lake in the middle of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Yes, there are many bad decisions there. :)

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