Monday, March 23, 2009

Yay media consumption! :)

So just a few notes on things I've been consuming...

Movie: Casshern - This was a movie that Jeremy showed me the trailer for, and I was excited to watch. However, since it's in Japanese with English subtitles, I had to wait for a time when I wasn't crocheting while we watched it. I ended up having to split it into two halves, though, because I got way too tired watching the first half. Oddly, I was also falling asleep during the second half. But that was because I was just tired, not because the movie was not holding my attention.

The movie is alternately an awesome steampunk wonderland with over the top action sequences, and then some weird commentary on the state of society or something. The ending was just plain odd... (Jeremy's response: "It's Japanese. What did you expect?" :) ) Overall, though, I enjoyed it. Might watch it again another time if English dubbing is available, just because I feel like I missed something every time I looked away from the screen for a moment.

Book (Graphic Novel): Northlanders - This was a graphic novel that Jerome picked up and loaned to me. It's about Vikings, sorta, and who doesn't like Vikings? :) I thought it was pretty good, though not great. The art was a little sketchier than I tend to like in a comic, and I found it hard to really LIKE the main character. Which kind of makes it a little hard to care about what's going on as much as I would if I liked the main character.

Music: Gogol Bordello - GOOD stuff. It's Gypsy punk, which is way too much fun. I started ripping the CDs while I was cooking dinner, and ended up dancing back and forth between my computer and the kitchen while I listened to the music. :) Might just be what it takes to get me back into belly dancing. :)

I've got a near constant stack of Netflix, graphic novels, and CDs to get through, so expect more posts like this in the future. If you've seen/read/listened to any of this, or end up doing so, let me know! :)

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