Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remember that chicken? Yup, still headless.

It's been one of those weeks where I'm barely in my actual office, let alone anywhere near the internet. Whee!

So the weekend was good, with an EtsyRain leadership meeting Friday, followed by gaming for the rest of it. Exalted was a short game, which worked out well since Jeremy was not feeling well, so I got him all comfortable on my couch while I worked on cleaning and such for a while. Sunday was the kids' game, and it ended up being the final game of that campaign. This means that we are now moving on to a game that I get to play in. YAY! :)

The new game will be Exalted also (oddly enough), though it will be Dragon Blooded, and it's going to be all sorts of fun. Many years ago, when Exalted was new, I wanted to play in a game where the PCs were young children, maybe 5 years old, who had already exalted as Dragon Blooded. I later found out that this didn't really work within the system. :) But the plan for Jeremy's game is for us to go through our childhood, adolescence, etc. and play out a few scenes from each. This works great with Dragon Blooded because he's going to set it up that a number of our characters are related to one another. :)

I've already worked out some of the details of my background, even though we'll probably play through some scenes that I may or may not have thought of. I suppose some of my thoughts are still subject to change, but I'm gonna have an airship and I'm gonna be a pirate. I wonder where that idea came from... :)

I've already had two research days this week, and I've got another tomorrow. It's like I have this office, but I'm never here. :) Ah well, at least I'm busy for the moment. :)

Oh (yes, I know this post is all over the place today), and we watched Muppet Treasure Island on Monday night, as I was told I needed to see Tim Curry as a "professional pirate." I approve. :) The song he sings is fabulous. :)

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