Friday, March 13, 2009


So I've been going to a writer's group with Jeremy every couple of weeks, and actually getting bits of writing done. Mostly it's been blog posts and such, but I actually started writing a fiction story that I was planning to submit to an online magazine. Before we went to the writer's group last night, though, I was starting to doubt whether or not my writing would be good enough for this magazine, whether or not my story would fit, etc. Pretty much typical Dawn. :)

Got to the Wayward and discovered that the last half hour worth of stuff I wrote last week was GONE. ARGH! This section, too, had been REALLY fiddly to write, and though I wasn't entirely pleased with how it had come out, I thought that if I could edit it, it might be okay. Having to rewrite the whole section? No thanks! We'll see how I feel about it after the disappointment of losing half an hour's worth of work wears off, but right now, I'm thinking it's a sign that me + fiction = not meant to be.

But since I'm going to the writer's group regardless, and since I can't spend all of my time helping Jeremy with research and editing, I've gotta work on something. This ultimately meant that I spent a while staring at my Shop Etsy blog and being further disappointed. It seems like it had a great direction and got posted to frequently at first, but now it's just gone by the wayside. I like the idea of the features, but I hate doing them sometimes. I also like the idea of just posting themed items (like I did for all of October, and in the most recent post), but there are a million blogs out there that do just that.

So here's a poll for the folks that are familiar with that blog (or at least are willing to go take a peek at it): what would you like to see on the Shop Etsy blog? What would make you read it regularly? What would make it stand out from all of the other blogs that feature Etsy artists?

In other news, I am lacking any End of the Work Week Wisdom, as my work week was an odd one (I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Monday), and I have not heard anything relevant this week. Sad but true side effect of my lack of TV watching. :)

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