Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I didn't realize it at the time, but my last post was my 1,400th post to this blog. That's pretty crazy, but I guess I have had this blog since 2002. I posted a lot more in the early days. Now, I make my 1,400th post, and then forget I have a blog for 2 1/2 weeks. :)

I didn't actually forget, of course. I spent one week in New Mexico, with very little free time to spend on the internet. I got back in time to run around like a crazy woman before Jeremy's birthday, and then spent the past week getting ready for his birthday party and trying to help him get over the plague. I succeeded in the first, and failed in the latter. And also seem to have gotten a minor plague of my own for my efforts. *sigh*

My travel schedule for upcoming weeks is allegedly packed, but nothing is confirmed yet. So I suspect I will be spending three weeks in Kansas pretty soon, but won't know until I'm told to scramble for plane tickets. This seems increasingly to be the way of things, which is a little rough. But at least I have my schedule lined out, so I know when I can and cannot travel.

Pretty much haven't been up to much of anything else, other than re-watching season 3 of Doctor Who. Jeremy started out way behind me on Doctor Who, so I get to re-watch while he gets caught up. I like this plan. :)

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