Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And I'm back.

So when you add a cold to a long weekend, it's still a long weekend. You just spend more of it than originally planned lounging on the couch or sleeping. As a result, we missed a birthday party and the Abney Park show, but we got a lot of movie/TV watching in. I'm sure that I don't remember everything that we watched, but I'll hit a few of the highlights.

Pride & Prejudice: Jeremy is a big fan of the novel Pride & Prejudice, which I don't recall ever having read. I tried to read it on my trip to New Mexico, but between sheer exhaustion and Jane Austen's writing style, I can't do it. Marvel has recently started publishing the classics in comic book format, so Jeremy has been sweet enough to agree to add the Pride & Prejudice comic to his pull box at The Dreaming. So I've been reading it that way, which seems to help my comprehension immeasurably. And now we've been watching the made-for-TV miniseries, with Colin Firth in it. I am now appreciating the story, without having to actually get through Jane Austen's peculiar style of writing dialogue.

(I'm a little bothered by the fact that I can't actually slog through the real book, especially because at one point I wanted to be an English major. Though I suppose, to be fair, I was going to be a linguistics-focused English major. :) )

Battlestar Galactica: Yup, I'm a heathen who had been avoiding yet another sci-fi show, of which I have now become a rabid fan. We watched the mini-series, in large part because Jeremy wants to watch the seasons he hasn't seen yet without having to wait until I'm out of town. So he has agreed to go back to the beginning, so we can watch all of it. My boyfriend is a sweetheart. :)

(As an aside, I'm doing the same thing for him with Doctor Who. We tore through season 3 while we've been sick, and the discs for season 4 start arriving soon. We also plan on watching Lost in a similar fashion, and I think I'm a season ahead of him on that one too.)

Star Trek: Wow. I had heard negative reviews from 3 people prior to going, but generally positive reviews. I have to say that I come down on the positive side as well. I grew up as a quasi-Trekkie, because my dad was totally into the original series, and I was totally into the Next Generation (because of Wesley Crusher). I have dim memories of watching the movies as a kid, particularly when they aired on TV as I got a bit older. I stopped watching all things Trek (particularly skipping the movies) as time went on, but I was pretty excited about this new movie. It was worth the wait. :) I'm not terribly thrilled with the guy they have playing Kirk, but all of the other cast members were fabulous! And holy crap, Eric Bana as the bad guy. I didn't even recognize him! And the guy who plays Chekov? Absolutely frickin' adorable. (And super young! Eek!)

So for this week, we've got more Pride & Prejudice to finish, but with the both of us finally over the plague, it looks like we may return to normal levels of movie/TV watching, which tends to be minimal. Ah well, I'm sure we'll still make time for all of the series we need to catch up on. :)

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