Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cats + heat = not good!

The heat continues. And while we get to go to our nice air-conditioned offices every day, the poor cats are stuck at home. We're doing as much as we can to keep them comfortable--fans in the bedroom and living room, plenty of fresh water every time we can refill it, and even a bit of water in the bathtub in the hopes of either keeping the bathroom cooler or giving the cats a spot to hang out--but they are NOT liking the heat one bit.

Last night, I went straight home while Jeremy headed to an appointment, so I spent about an hour trying to get the cats more comfortable. Mostly they were doing alright by hiding out in the bedroom, but one of the cats insisted on laying on the living room floor, and looked downright miserable. I ended up "petting" him with an ice cube to get his fur a little damp, and he seemed to perk up after that.

Today is forecast to be worse than yesterday. We're holding out hope that my apartment is retaining its cave-like qualities, so that we can sleep there tonight. The cats, however, can't come with us. Hopefully they're finding good ways to beat the heat!

In other cat related news, I don't think I ever showed off the catnip toys that I made. I had a custom order request for a cat toy, and since I had to buy catnip to make it, I ended up making a ton of these little fish. They're from a pattern that I whipped up when I wanted to make a crocheted Swimmy, and then modified to make stuffed fish. I like these little featureless catnip toys, and I keep promising Jeremy's cats that they can have one... they go so nuts when I work on catnip toys near them and don't share. :)

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