Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Time to get things done

So the moves on Saturday went relatively smoothly. Despite Marcus swearing up, down, and sideways that it wouldn't be a move that he was involved in until something was broken, all of my stuff seems to have arrived at its new homes without incident. I did notice that he had to skip the final load so he could catch a bus home, so maybe I have that to thank for the antique vanity arriving in one piece. :)

Regardless, we managed to get the apartment mostly settled on Sunday, and I have really very little additional packing to do at my apartment... I'm just short on boxes! So the project for one night this week is going to be unpacking at my studio, to rescue the boxes I used and reuse them at my apartment. Ah, it's a neverending cycle!

The good news, though, is that I LOVE my studio. I had a temporary moment of panic when I realized that the sink was larger than I thought, and the desk wasn't going to fit where I wanted it. But the desk did fit in another small spot, so Jeremy can write in relative peace while I try to figure out how I'm going to unpack everything. He hadn't seen the studio until Saturday, and he also thinks it'll work just fine once we've gotten everything settled in there.

My major happiness for the weekend, though, was finally getting the living room at his apartment rearranged, and then having 5 people in there at once. It's a bit more crowded (we added 2 pieces of my furniture to the living room, while only removing one piece of his furniture), but I think everyone was happy to have a coffee table to roll dice on and set their drinks on. :) And we managed to have four of us playing Rock Band while Jeremy worked on his laptop, so there's even room for two guitars and a drum set. :)

Still can't wait for the rest of the apartment to be arranged, my apartment to be empty, and everything extra tucked neatly away into storage. Still a few more weeks till we reach that point, though! :)

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