Friday, July 31, 2009

Hurrah for Friday!

Glad to have made it to the end of the week. As promised, the temperatures have dropped, to the point where we could actually sleep comfortably last night. I even ended up bundled up in a sheet by morning!

I'm anxiously awaiting the weekend, even though I know it will be a zoo. In the midst of all of the moving stuff we need to do tonight and tomorrow, we have two games and a photo shoot! Eek! The games are the usual pair of Exalted games (though there's a chance we're going to call off the second one and go to the EMP instead), and the photo shoot was originally so that Jeremy can hopefully get some photos he likes to use for writer's stuff. Lucky me gets to come along and get some pictures taken with him as well. :)

Because I am a dork, I've had my clothes picked out since I first heard we were doing these pictures. :) I'm going to wear the cute vintage dress I bought from Betsy at the last Punk Rock Flea Market--white with tiny black polka dots, with red and black felt leaves and acorns stitched on (to camouflage the sorts of flaws that vintage dresses often have). I totally love the black and white and red color combination, and it's the closest thing I'll probably ever own to a white dress. :) Now I just gotta convince the boy to wear something that matches what I'm wearing... he has a perfect shirt, which he doesn't like. *sigh* I'll post pictures (or links to pictures) when all is said and done!

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