Friday, November 20, 2009

It's been a week...

And by that, I mean that it has been not a great awesome week, but also not a hugely crappy week. It's been some of both. Therefore, it's been a week.

1) Nearly ready for the EtsyRain Holiday Show tomorrow. Come out! Buy stuff! Get your Christmas shopping done! :)

2) I'm about 1,900 words shy of my personal goal for my NaNo word count. I managed to pound out 4,000 words on Wednesday, but then wasted about 45 minutes of potential writing time last night because I couldn't make myself write the next scene. I had ended the previous scene with this over the top, dramatic monologue, and I just couldn't help but think that whatever I wrote next would sound trite. I have to get to it, I know, but I needed the time to NOT have that monologue taunting me.

3) Cats seem to be doing well. *knock on wood* Gabe is eating again and seems a little less needy. He still hates us at pill time, and has not been enjoying his isolation chamber (a.k.a. the bathroom) during the day, but we want to be sure that he is, in fact, eating, drinking, and doing other things that cats ought to be doing.

4) We have plans to go to Forks, Neah Bay, Port Angeles, and Victoria (B.C.) next weekend. This will mark the first time that we get to use our passports. YAY! :) We are doing the totally dorky Twilight tourist crap, but staying in Neah Bay because I've been wanting to get out there for a while. It's going to entail a lot of driving, and I will. not. forget my camera. Mandatory!

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