Monday, November 30, 2009

The weekend recap, now with 50% more content!

Despite being sick for the whole weekend, we had a lovely road trip around the Olympic Peninsula. We spent Friday driving around the southern and western sides, debating whether to stop in Aberdeen after I found out that Kurt Cobain was from there. Then we stopped off part of the way to Forks to look at the ocean, where I managed to cleverly fall off of a slippery tree trunk and skin my knee. We continued on to Forks to be ridiculous tourists. I was able to get a subtle Team Jacob shirt, while Jeremy got a slightly less subtle Cullen shirt, and also a funny "Tsunami Evacuation Plan" shirt. Because really? Tsunami? Bad times.

Eventually, under cover of darkness, we made our way to Neah Bay, where we were going to stay for the weekend. I say "under cover of darkness," but what I really mean is "on a really twisty road, while it was pitch black out." This involved a whole lot of squinting at signs, and hoping we weren't going to drive into the ocean. It all worked out in the end. :)

We spent Saturday finishing up our NaNo novels, since we had no TV, no internet, and no phone signals. Amazing how much you can get done with the distractions gone. I finished around 5, and Jeremy finished later in the evening, so I worked on a bunch of eyeball cat toys while he wrote. :)

Sunday, we managed to miss the turn we were supposed to take, which meant that instead of driving along the twisty coast road, we ended up on the twisty lake road, on the south side of Lake Crescent. Totally beautiful. :) We finally got to civilization in the form of Port Angeles, where we had phone signals and wi-fi! :) Wandered around a bit till I started feeling more sickly, and then headed back toward Seattle.

We got to pick Black back up on our way home, and got all settled in to the apartment to do more internet things, eat Chinese food, and play Rock Band. And it was good. :)

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