Thursday, December 03, 2009

Adventures in buses

This week has really been a bizarre one for bus riding for me. Monday morning, since Jeremy was off work, he drove me downtown, but I bused home. That was the only normal bus ride I've had this week.

Tuesday, I again got a ride to work since Jeremy had to zip to an appointment right after work. I caught a different bus than my usual one, since I was headed to my studio. I had to run to get on the bus, but was happy that I had caught an express bus. Unfortunately, what I didn't know is that the stop nearest to my studio is not an express stop. So rather than getting off the bus before that stop, I ended up riding to the next express stop, necessitating a LONG walk back to my studio.

Wednesday morning, the bus picked up a guy who started laughing about the time we got on the freeway in the U District, and continued laughing until the first stop downtown. This was not a "some guy who had heard a good joke" kind of continual laughing. It sort of ebbed and flowed, and was definitely laughter about something in this guy's head. I think, too, that the smell of alcohol diminished a bit when he got off the bus. Coincidence? I think not. The only good part of this portion of the tale is that I got an idea for a short story out of the incident, so now I just have to find time to write that. :)

Wednesday afternoon, Jeremy was reading and I was crocheting, when I finally discovered that our bus had not stopped in the U District, and was, in fact, still in the northbound express lanes. Our driver TOTALLY missed the exit he should have taken, and wasn't entirely sure how to get back on track. We took that as a sign that we should look into a different bus option, and when he stopped at the transit center (not on our route normally), the bus we needed was waiting in front of us. So we hopped on that bus instead, and then continued to read and crochet... :) Luckily, we did start paying attention before our stop, but it was a much longer walk home from that stop, and we arrived home a bit later than we normally do.

This morning, we discovered that it was below freezing before we headed out, so I got out my awesome pirate coat, only to discover that it's a bit more snug than I recalled. At the bus stop, I realized that I had forgotten our tickets to Twelfth Night, so I ran back to the apartment, since I have more leeway in my arrival time at work (and we leave so early that I get to work almost an hour early some days). I grabbed the tickets, switched coats, and discovered that the bathroom door had not latched shut, and my kitten had broken out of his confinement(*). Luckily, he comes running even when I call him Bit, which is not his actual name. :) So I finally made it back outside, to watch the next bus pass me by... *sigh*

Here's hoping that the bus curse can be lifted now that I've ranted...

(*) Black is still in solitary confinement (a.k.a. the bathroom) until he has a follow-up appointment with his vet on Saturday morning. I think he is getting thoroughly bored of not having the other cats to torment, as he had decided that my ankles are a good thing to torment. He prefers my ankles to Mr. Bunny (small stuffed bunny cat toy), apparently.


In other news, I've started posting on Shop Etsy again, with Christmas gift ideas from EtsyRain sellers. My goal is to get back in the habit of posting there daily. And then, maybe I can work on posting here daily, or at least weekday-ly. :)

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