Friday, December 04, 2009

It's that time of year again!

Time for another Punk Rock Flea Market. Number 7, in fact, and I've been a vendor at all but one. Assuming I get my usual spot, I'll be right at the bottom of the stairs when you come in. I'll have arm warmers (though the selection is a bit slim right now), cozies (ice cream and coffee), cat toys (eyeballs and fish), Decapitated Dollies, and cupcakes (lavender stuffed, plain, and geeky ones).

The hours for the Market itself are now 12-8 (instead of 10-6), and there are bands (and beer!) after 8 p.m. (Usually they start the beer a little before the bands come on, actually. :) ) I'm utterly thrilled because I know that Shea of Kung Fu Monkey Robot will be there, and she's bringing a plaid beanie with skull and crossbones on it, which matches gloves that I bought from her last year. I will likely be coming home with a new hat. :)


In other news, we're doing character creation for my new Vampire game on Sunday afternoon. It's basically revised V:tM, but we're using Aspects from Spirit of the Century instead of merits and flaws. I think it's going to work out okay, but I'll report back on that once I know. :)

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