Monday, December 07, 2009

Making vampires

Sunday was the character creation session for my new Vampire game, even though three out of four characters had their characters built before we started. But the session was mainly devoted to establishing relationships between the characters and choosing Aspects (a la Spirit of the Century) for the characters.

This is a system that Jeremy implemented when he ran his Dragon Blooded game, and I decided to use for my game as well. In Jeremy's game, it was wonderful and led to all sorts of roleplaying and interaction based on things our characters had done as kids. I'm not sure if it is going to be quite as cool for my game. Some of the scenes were really awesome, but others felt a little bit forced. This might have been related to the fact that with only 4 players, and 3 scenes to cover, everyone HAD to pair up with each of the other characters. So the forced interaction between, say, the Gangrel and the Toreador didn't necessarily make as much sense as some of the other scenes (not that any of the pair-ups made a lot of sense, with a Brujah, a Gangrel, a Toreador, and a Tremere being the PCs). Somehow this seemed more logical in Jeremy's game, when we were often related by blood or marriage to the other PCs.

The next step for this game is for me to work on the NPCs, so that I can get "character" information to my volunteers. I've got a small group of players who couldn't play in the game, mostly due to time constraints, but also due to geography constraints, and they will be helping me by coming up with the downtime actions of their "characters." I say "characters" in quotes because these distance players will not have full control over the characters. I'll be voicing all of the NPCs during game sessions, but during the in-between times, I'll have the assistance of some veteran players and some newer players to help me flesh out what the world outside of the PCs and their immediate circle is doing.

Anyway, expect sporadic posts about this new game and how the rules variations we're using are going. The first play session isn't until January, though, so if you aren't into RPGs, you'll be spared until four weeks from now. :)

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