Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Doctor Who Chatter (Possible Spoiler)

(Advance warning that there is a spoiler about "Victory of the Daleks" below. It's not a ZOMG spoiler, because the title implies the existence of Daleks in the episode, but the details are spoilery. You have been warned.)

We got done with Jeremy's birthday dinner at Red Robin last night early enough that we decided to watch "Victory of the Daleks" when we got home. (Side note: If you go to Red Robin for your birthday, they will NOT sing to you when they bring you your sundae if you're seated in the bar area. Just an FYI. Jeremy was crushed by this. We offered to sing to him, but it wasn't the same.)

So from the previews, it's pretty clear that there's something bizarre going on. Army green Daleks with WWII "vests"? Nifty. I want to make one already! (Though I need to find the right beads to use for the nubs on the lower half. Possibly even nubby buttons.) And of course there's more than just two Army green Daleks...

But seriously? Technicolor Daleks? My first response: "They've become iMacs!" My second response (laughing so hard I couldn't hardly speak): "It's the Rainbow Lanterns!" (Which is a comic book reference that I only understand from Jeremy complaining about how they ruined Green Lantern.) When it comes to the Daleks, it's hard to say if it's going to be a one-off thing, or if the future of the Daleks is that they come in red, orange, yellow, blue, and white. With gold light coming out of the eyestalk thingie. (I think I liked that last bit the least. It was weird.)

At any rate, I'm willing and able to make the brightly colored ones. You know, if anyone's interested. ;)

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